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Thursday, 31 January 2013

Engrish Funny Will Potato No Longer

We're sorry to report to you all that Engrish Funny will no longer be actively posting new content starting this Friday, August 31st. We've had a lot of fun here together, and the staff at FAIL Blog would like to thank you for all the LOLs and memories. Don't fear, however! This site will still remain open for you to browse our archives of content, and FAIL Nation will continue to post A-grade Engrish as we find it. Until then, enjoy the Engrish!


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Deutsche Bank swallows $4 billion of charges for cleanup

FRANKFURT (Reuters) - Deutsche Bank plunged to its worst quarterly loss in four years on Thursday after it took nearly $4 billion in charges to try and draw a line under a slew of scandals and boost its balance sheet without asking shareholders for cash.


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Ericsson eyes next-gen network boost

Jan. 31 - Ericsson earnings are seen heading higher as countries begin installing next-generation phone networks.


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The next Apple TV is still a box, just smaller

Still waiting for Apple to announce a big-screen TV? Then you might have to wait a bit longer: The next Apple TV device will be even smaller than the currently-selling version.


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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Kanex's DualRole is a USB 3.0 hub and Ethernet adapter for modern MacBooks

Kanexs DualRole is a USB 30 hub and Ethernet adapter for modern MacBooks

The glitzy sheen of that Retina Display MacBook Pro or MacBook Air probably tarnished a little when you realized you'd need to sacrifice a USB or Thunderbolt if you wanted Ethernet connectivity. Just in time for Macworld, Kanex is shuttling out DualRole, a three-port USB 3.0 hub and Ethernet adapter that'll swell your connectivity options while on the road. Bus-powered, you can also add a 5v power adapter to juice your gadgets at the same time. It'll set you back $69 and is available from right about now.

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